benefits of kitchen cleaning

As a home organizer, I’ve seen some pretty extreme messes. Bedrooms with years of messes piled to the ceilings, litter boxes not emptied for months, and even bathrooms that have never been cleaned in more than a decade.

One of the main areas that people tend to neglect when they struggle with depression, anxiety, or deep psychological issues like agoraphobia, is the kitchen.

It’s easy to live off microwave meals, use paper plates, and avoid opening the fridge for more than a couple of seconds while you reach for the milk. And that means: it’s a highly ignored and sometimes feared space.

As I’ve worked with my clients, I’ve heard hundreds of apologies for not doing what they should have, but I’ve also heard questions about why it’s so important to live in a clean space.

Today, we’re taking a look at the kitchen in particular and a number of benefits anyone would receive from keeping a clean kitchen.

There are tons of reasons you should keep kitchen cleaning. I’ve compiled together just a few of the main ones. If anyone’s got any questions about the benefits of a kitchen cleaning service, this list should pretty much knock out any questions.

Keeping Away Pests
One of the biggest problems I’ve come across as I’ve cleaned up people’s homes is vermin and pest control. When kitchens are left dirty, disorganized, and ignored, insects get in and infect the room with their eggs, the bacteria, and other nasty stuff they carry with them.

Mice, rats, and other rodents often infiltrate kitchens, as well, and dig through cabinets and cupboards full of dry goods, looking for an easy meal.

Rodents and insects can carry tons of illnesses, diseases, and filth with them, which means your immune system becomes compromised and you can easily become very, very ill.

Lowering Stress
Once I’ve gotten clients’ kitchens cleaned, I witnessed the vast and instant stress relief from my clients. They no longer live with the burden of having a dirty, unkempt, and unsafe kitchen lurking just a few feet from their bedrooms.

Having a clean home means having a healthy, lower-stress home.

Easier to Use
A dirty, disorganized kitchen is extremely difficult to use. Dirty pots, pans, plates, and stacks of items can cause you to have no work surface, cause accidents, and almost always leads to frustration and impatience. A clean kitchen is much easier to use because nothing is in your way.

Maintenance of Appliances, Floors, Cabinets, and Counter tops
Keeping your kitchen clean means keeping your appliances clean. When you make a smoothie, and some of that fruity goodness spills over onto the blender, you need to clean it immediately. The reason is that when appliances go uncleaned, they can become corroded or otherwise damaged. And that means you have to replace them much more quickly than you would otherwise.

You also need to keep your floors, cabinets, and counter tops clean to prevent erosion, water damage, or other issues that can be caused by spills. Residue and build-up often result in needing to replace counter tops, cabinets, and flooring.

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